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Sustainable development

We believe it's important to show gratitude and give back to the environment in which we operate. As such, we have no shortage of sustainably-oriented projects and we pride ourselves in setting ambitious and acheiveable goals.

Argeta life cycle

Click to learn about the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental impact.

Rearing/fishing and ingredient processing

We care deeply about the humane treatment of our animals and pay special attention to how they are raised and fed.

Packaging production

Our packaging uses recycled aluminium, a more environment-friendly option than plastic or glass.

Pâté production at plants in Izola and Sarajevo

Our production facilities strive to achieve the greatest possible energy efficiency, to reduce our electricity and water consumption.

Distribution to stores

The location of our production facilities offers a shorter journey in distribution, meaning fewer environmentally harmful emissions.

End of the product life cycle

All processes are linked to a circular economy system, from the procurement of our raw materials to what happens to our waste.