Argeta will join a handful of global brands that have launched their own NFT collections and thus achieve another milestone by becoming the first FMCG brand in its region with its own NFT collection.

Argeta’s new era in the digital realm

Although Argeta is a brand with tradition, it also keeps up with the fast-changing world of modern technologies.

Thus on 9 March, Argeta’s famous tin of pâté will ascend to a digital world of epic proportions. By positioning its brand in the new era of Web 3.0, Argeta will join a handful of global brands such as Facebook (Meta), Adidas, NBA and Pepsi Co.

“Argeta’s NFTs are so limited, even our competition will want one!”

“Argeta is ready for the new era and wants to follow its fans wherever they live – in the digital or physical world,” said Enzo Smrekar, Group Vice President for Savoury Spreads, Donat and International Expansion at Atlantic Grupa, at the launch of the NFT collection.

Scepticism towards new technologies is to be expected, but they aren’t worried: “Argeta’s NFTs are so limited, even our competition will want one,” said Živa Deu, Digital Strategy Manager, SBU Savoury Spreads at Atlantic Grupa.

Argeta’s NFT collection consists of 21 non-fungible tokens, the details of which are yet to be announced. Argeta’s NFT collector’s series is inspired by the characteristics of the brand, as well as the new and unexplored spaces of the future. Each NFT represents a unique trait of Argeta as a brand

Anyone will be able to compete for the free NFTs: “We want to make sure that everyone will have an opportunity to experience this new world and become a proud owner of an our NFT,” said Petra Čadež, Marketing Director, SBU Savoury Spreads at Atlantic Grupa.

Who wants to own an Argeta NFT?

Argeta’s NFT collection will be launched on 9 March on Argeta’s Instagram profile at 9 p.m. (CET).

21 collectible NFTs, each unique and with its own story, will be available and every user of social media can bid to own one. All Argeta fans have to do is convince the Argeta community that they deserve to become the owner of an Argeta NFT by commenting on the post.

All future owners of Argeta NFTs will thus get a piece of the brand’s identity – and enjoy any surprise benefits that may await them in the future.


NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data that provide proof of ownership of digital assets using a blockchain network. NFTs can be used to store digital assets such as music files, artefacts, drawings and various art forms. 

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