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A fun, fit and guilt-free picnic: Tofu burger

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It smells like summer outdoors. Why not organize a picnic with your family and friends? Choose a grill master while the others take care of cutting the fresh vegetables, slicing the bread, and of course making sure the grill master is well hydrated. It’s teamwork.

This time, you can break from the ordinary and surprise your friends with lightweight tofu burgers as the star dish. Make the motto of your picnic Fun, Fit and Guilt-free. We guarantee that after picnics like these, you’ll jump into your swimsuit with no hesitation.


  • Argeta Red Pepper or Spicy Pepper spread
  • Argeta Beetroot and Horseradish spread
  • Fresh tofu
  • Whole grain buns
  • Fresh veggies


Toss the whole grain buns on the grill for a minute or two to give them some extra crispiness. Then spread Argeta Red Pepper or Argeta Spicy Pepper vegetable spread on one half of each bun and Argeta Beetroot and Horseradish spread on the other. It’s a perfect burger combination. When the grill master says the grilled tofu is ready, just pack it into the buns with fresh vegetables, onion and avocados. Enjoy, but be prepared… You just might want two!

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