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Argeta – A Sport Bag Essential

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What do professional, semi-pro and recreational sportsmen and sportswomen have in common? At some point or another they all carry around a gym or sport bag. What’s in it? Some equipment, sports paraphernalia, maybe some stinky clothes from last week’s session, and, of course, food.

What kind of food, you ask? Well, that can differ from sport to sport, and depends on the weather conditions and the size of the bag. But some form of food is pretty much essential when we set our sights on achieving new goals and breaking down old ones.

In the series of articles that will follow in the coming years, we’ll analyze different recreational sports you can squeeze into your busy life and we will take a look into each sportsman’s bag.

So let’s get started. In the first in-depth article of the series, we’re going to open up the bag of a hiker to see what’s good to have with you when exploring the great outdoors. And of course we’ll also take a look at how handy Argeta products can be as an on-the-go snack.

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