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Argeta has a new inspirational design

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Argeta, which follows the philosophy of the best, delights its fans with a new, more modern design after six years.

A new era of Argeta spreads.

Improving a product and pushing the boundaries of the category we operate in has always been written in our DNA. This continuous improvement of the product and its recipe allows us to be the market leader in most European countries and, above all, to remain the first choice of customers throughout Europe.

With the new design of our packaging, we have moved away from the industrial look that prevails with competitors within the category and added more color to this cold design we are used to on meat and fish spread products. The new image of Argeta’s packages addresses our fans in a different, more noticeable way. As the new design’s central element, the illustration brings the customer closer to each taste’s character and story behind it.

What does the new design have to offer?

Through a new approach to presenting content, we change the visual identity of the entire set of Argeta meat and fish spreads, and later also of all Argeta Junior children’s spreads and the premium Argeta Exclusive line.

Argeta’s product range is wide and allows that everyone can find their favorite taste. However, for Argeta fans to find the desired taste even easier and faster, the new visual design of the packaging is accompanied by more than 20 different illustrations that will tell you something new each time and take you to a completely different world. To Argeta’s new design, illustrations add warmth and open the door to your unstoppable imagination. With its colorfulness, the new packaging design will enrich and beautify your every meal in the company of delicious spreads. This rich but, at the same time, stylized image sums up the character and the whole story about the individual taste.

The new visual image is warmer and opens the door to the imagination!

Argeta’s mission is to strive for the best. By improving the product both from the inside and outside, we follow our outlined vision, where we always bring the customer to the forefront. This is also evident in our new communication platform, which is based on the renewed identity of Argeta. We have repositioned ourselves as a brand with a mission of inspiring and empowering individuals by signing the platform: “Life is what we make of it.”

At Argeta, we want to move away from technical and functionally oriented communication. We bring out the emotions and stories that drive the lives of our customers. We also followed this in the new visual identity of Argeta’s packaging, which descriptively manifests our perception of the world, opens the door to the imagination, and supports the taste of Argeta through the packaging design.

With the new design, every bite of Argeta is an experience on an experiential and sensory level, and at the same time, the renewal of the packaging brings the reinforcement of the position of the best in the category.

The author of the new Argeta packaging is the Yootree agency. They say that “the new image of Argeta’s packaging design visually reflects the character of individual taste by outlining and illustrating stories. The advantage of this type of branding concept is that by using various motifs on Argeta’s package, we present a wide range of flavors to our fans and offer them diverse and authentic visual experience.”

The conceptual design of Yootree’s illustrations names two essential features:

  1. distinguishing flavors with a subtly depicted silhouette of the type of meat from which the spread is made of
  2. a sense of the origin and nature of each taste, which through illustrations within the silhouettes represents various motifs, such as an adventurous motif in the form of a night camping in nature, a holiday motif of unspoiled Mediterranean, fresh pastures of alpine mountains or an oriental motif from the Maghreb.

When asked which Argeta’s package is the Yootree’s favorite, they said they like all the new packages, as each has its own story and unique features. “At the time of packaging creation during the pandemic and mass isolation, we especially like the fact that we can still taste at least some of the beauties of the world at home together with Argeta’s packaging,” they concluded.

What about the flavor?

Of course, we saved the most important thing for the end. Despite the complete change in our packaging’s design, the taste of Argeta spreads continues to be the one you like best – unique, creamy, and full of flavor.

In life, it’s good to see good. So, don’t miss out on the new look of Argeta spreads, and treat yourself to your favorite flavor today.

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