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Cooking with chestnuts – The SpreadLOVE way

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Getting together with friends in autumn calls for two things: a good mood and a delicious snack. And this autumn-flavoured tasty treat of ours does not require a lot of skill or cooking knowledge as it takes almost no time to prepare.

Considering that autumn is one of the nicer and more enjoyable seasons for family hikes, we decided on autumn’s most recognisable ingredient – chestnuts. Pre-cooked chestnuts can be purchased at any store, but it is much more delightful and rewarding to harvest the chestnuts on a family hike in the woods. After successfully cutting your way through the bushes and coming home, the chestnuts just need to be cooked and a couple of delicious ingredients added for the best autumn snack. Chestnuts take about 1 hour to cook.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Chestnuts

Ingredients and preparation:

  • Argeta Chicken spread
  • selected crackers
  • cooked chestnuts
  • prosciutto

Preparation instructions:
Spread Argetas chicken spread on crackers and coat with whole cooked chestnuts, previously thoroughly wrapped in a slice of prosciutto.

If you have leftover chestnuts, you can easily mash them with some Argeta spread into a paste, which can then be squirted on toast or a cheese cracker using a piping bag. The paste can also be used as a dip for Italian breadsticks.

Chestnuts go well with chicken meat as well. For example, add some spread and cooked chestnuts to leftover roasted chicken, and mix it all together to get a rich chicken spread, which can again be put on crackers, squirted into salty baskets, on toasted bread, rusks, or used as a dip for Italian breadsticks.

You harvested your chestnuts, you read our recipe, all you need to do now is send out invitations to your friends. The only trick to this recipe is that you should not miss the chestnut-rich autumn period.

And how did you hang out with your friends and use chestnuts in a recipe? Share your stories with us on social media, using #Argeta. The best post wins a small prize 😉

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