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Bread and egg roll

Different countries, different snacks: Kosovo

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It smells good. Like bread. You can use different types of bread for our recipe, which there is definitely no lack of in Kosovo. Argeta spread on warm bread, topped with tomatoes is a quick snack. And why not wrap up our little snack and add some nutritious eggs?

Bread and egg roll



1 Argeta Chicken spread

3 hard boiled chicken eggs

red pepper

slice of toast or bread


Mash the spread and eggs well into a creamy texture. Salt to taste.


Remove the toast or bread crust, roll or flatten and coat with the spread. Place a stick of pepper on one side of the bread and roll into a roll. Cut the roll into half-centimetre thick pieces and coat with tomatoes.


And now it’s your turn. Show us how you managed to incorporate Argeta spreads into your recipes, and don’t forget to use #Argeta. Dig in!

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