Different countries, different snacks: Macedonia - Argeta Different countries, different snacks: Macedonia - Argeta Global

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Different countries, different snacks: Macedonia

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Macedonia is a true treasure trove of dishes, as it combines the flavours of Balkan and Mediterranean cuisines. So surely we can't pass up on aubergine, garlic and courgette. We simply toasted a slice of bread, rubbed it with garlic and gently coated it with a tuna pâté. Only one question remains - what can we cover it with? Courgette or aubergine?

Garlic bread with grilled vegetables


  • 1 Argeta Tuna spread
  • aubergine
  • courgette
  • garlic
  • bread
  • salt
  • olive oil
  • pepper

Toast the bread on one side, rub it with garlic and, when cooled, coat it with the spread. Top with grilled courgette and aubergine.

And now it’s your turn. Show us how you managed to incorporate Argeta spreads into your recipes, and don’t forget to use #Argeta. Dig in!

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