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Do you really know the story of Argeta?

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In 2018, our meat pâté won the title of the leading pâté in Europe, but did you know that it all started back in 1957 with the production of soup concentrates made from chicken meat?

Yes, in 1957 there was the Argo bouillon cube. Only six years later our first pâté saw the light of day on the Slovenian coast, in the town of Izola. Although it didn’t get its own name for another 14 years, it was recognized by its lithographed green and white napkin.

Milestones? Yes, we have those too.

First, there was the single-portion packaging and then there was the name. In a gap of sixteen years, there were three major turning points.

  • 1972–This was the year of new pâté packaging in 35g aluminum pots, which was the first packaging of its kind in Yugoslavia.
  • 1977–The name Argeta, which is derived from the word Argo, appears for the first time and is used for chicken pâté.
  • 1997 and 1998–After more than 15 years, the packaging shifts from 35g to 30g, the chicken pâté is packed on pallets by robots, and a 100-gram pâté is launched in metal pots with a new design.

It’s all about the taste

First, there was chicken pâté, followed by liver, beef and turkey. Since the year 2000, customers have been satisfied by a variety of Argeta pâté products. The sub-brand Argeta Junior, with its mild flavor and playful design, is intended for children. Argeta Light is produced in order to stay in step with global food trends and tuna pâté has helped Argeta enter into the fish spread market. Argeta also has a spicy version, exclusively for those with more refined taste, and it continues its journey with various flavors.

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