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Get creative: Junior toast

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This time your child has the chef's hat on, which means your kid is the mastermind of this culinary project. That puts you in the role of sous-chef, and makes you the biggest fan of your little boss. Your mission is to encourage your child's imagination in creating fun and varied sandwiches.

Turn the music up. Dance. Sing. Create a vibe that will stimulate your child’s culinary creativity. Remember that no idea is bad, impossible or too crazy. Trust us, you’ll feel the need to make a fun and quirky sandwich yourself. So go ahead. If you wake up your inner child, you’ll connect with your little chef even more easily.


  • Argeta Junior Original
  • Rye toast
  • White toast
  • Pickles
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Peppers (various colors)

… or anything else that you find in the fridge.


Prepare the kitchen utensils, such as the cutlery, plates and cutting board. Take the toast and spread Argeta Junior as the base. That’s it. From this point, just relax, get creative, have fun and try to Th!nK 0u7s!6E 7HE I3Ox.

And when you and your child are ready for some more culinary creative fun, a new challenge and some more kitchen shenanigans, just head on over to our three-course meal culinary challenge. But be warned: it’s going to be a lot messier, stickier and, most important of all, more fun, and you’ll enjoy many more priceless moments and memories with your child.

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