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SpreadLOVE with something fun to do: SUDOKU

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You’ve heard of sudoku before, right? You’ve probably even played it a couple of times and loved it, too. This is why we have prepared a fun activity for your whole family! Get your kids away from the computer, phone or TV and show them that analog can also be cool.

Sudoku is actually the only puzzle game that is considered a good prevention against developing Alzheimer’s disease and depression. It has many other health benefits, actually: it improves your memory, it increases the ability to concentrate, boosts logical thinking, reduces anxiety and much more. Sudoku is usually a 9 by 9 grid puzzle where you have to fill in numbers but they cannot repeat themselves. It is extremely easy to learn and very addictive. Sudoku only has positive side effects so you can start working on getting hooked on it right away: you can even get your kids in all the fun, it’s all OK!

Solving sudoku puzzles does not involve any maths. Sometimes, sudoku puzzles can even come in pictures, letters or symbols, which is especially good for dyslexic children and adults. All you need is a pencil, possibly an eraser and a sudoku puzzle. We are sure that you have at least a few pencils at home, so just print out the puzzles that we have prepared for you and your kids and start solving them.

Children like it when something different happens at home and sudoku is a great way to spend an hour on Sunday afternoon. Mental exercise can also be tiring, so be sure to have a slice of bread with Argeta Junior at your side to keep the concentration going! Send us a photo of you and your kids doing Sudoku and you just might get a special prize!

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