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Table Manners for children

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Have you ever seen someone in a restaurant who had no table manners? Elbows on the table, chewing loudly and being rude to the waiter? We know, it is not a nice view, which is why we feel it is important to start teaching proper table manners to our children as soon as possible. This way, etiquette and manners will become second nature to them and they will behave politely without even thinking about it.

So how can we actually teach our children manners?

First of all, we have to set a good example – you know that our children imitate everything we do, so keep that in mind and show them what proper behaviour looks like. A very simple tip is to just practice. Maybe sit your kids down for a »dry run«, you don’t have to actually eat, you can also make a game out of it, the one who behaves the best gets to pick which Argeta spread you’re going to have for dinner.

Also, try acting out how not to behave, they just might get the point faster if you give them a “visual example” of what not to do, just keep things light hearted. So, for example, take a big bite of food and start chewing it loudly while trying to keep a straight face – they will definitely notice it, and think »Why is my mum or dad doing this? It doesn’t make any sense.« So now they have a visual example, a weird sense and off course you tell them that this is the kind of behaviour that should not be tolerated and doesn’t look nice anywhere.

Argetas spreads run out quickly considering how delicious they are, so take small bites and teach your kids to say«. »Please, can we open another Argeta?« Saying “please“ and “thank you” is crucial.

These are just a few examples on how we can all teach good table manners to our children: saying »please« and »thank you«, taking small bites, and overall just setting model behaviour by being polite ourselves. To get more tips, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll talk again soon!

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