Argeta’s packaging is BPA-NI

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Did you know that most of the packaging we encounter in our daily lives contains bisphenol A?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that has been in common use since the 1960s, and is mainly used in combination with other chemicals for the production of plastics and resins. BPA is widely used in polycarbonate plastics and rigid plastics; bisphenol A is the material of choice for reusable plastic bottles, tableware such as plastic plates and cups, as well as various plastic storage containers.

Argeta’s packaging is BPA-NI

Why is bisphenol A harmful?

The biggest problem with bisphenol A is that it can, in small amounts, be transferred from the packaging to the food and drink stored within it. We as consumers then ingest it, and it enters into our bodies, where it can disrupt the functioning of our endocrine system and harm our health. Since, in addition to quality ingredients, product safety is our top priority, we use a BPA-NI (Not Intent) coating in all packaging. This coating does not contain bisphenol A, and is therefore not harmful to our health.

Our packaging guarantees the quality of our products

By caring for the safety of human health and the environment, we implement our sustainability commitment to our customers, which is part of our sustainability strategy. And we are glad that you also recognise our principles and trust us.

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