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Top chefs have captured sophisticated flavour combinations in exclusive delicacies for real gourmets, so you can create a fine dining experience at home.

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For more than 10 years, the creators of culinary symphonies have been guiding your taste buds on culinary journeys with Argeta Exclusive pâtés. Discover which top chefs have already made their mark on Argeta Exclusive.

à la Nina Čarman
à la Nina Čarman
Argeta Exclusive 2021

à la Nina Čarman

In a tribute to traditional Slovenian flavours, chef Nina Čarman has created the perfect combination of Soča trout, tarragon, and white wine for an exceptional culinary pampering.

à la David Vračko
à la David Vračko
Argeta Exclusive 2020

à la David Vračko

The incredibly talented Vračko brothers showcase their personalities through Argeta’s exclusive flavours – one with his calm sophistication, and the other with his irresistible creativity.

à la Gregor Vračko
à la Gregor Vračko
Argeta Exclusive 2020

à la Gregor Vračko

The incredibly talented Vračko brothers showcase their personalities through Argeta’s exclusive flavours – one with his calm sophistication, and the other with his irresistible creativity.

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Impress and charm! Every top chef always prepares a recipe with which you can take your loved ones on a culinary odyssey.

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Enter a world of sound and taste

Argeta Exclusive satisfies all five senses. A research team of technologists, sound engineers, and composers translated the experience of taste into sound.

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Chef Janez Bratovž and chef Nikola Tadijanović2019 - 10 YEARS OF EXCLUSIVE FLAVOURS

Chef Janez Bratovž and chef Nikola Tadijanović

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we have revived two popular creations by top chefs – Argeta Exclusive à la JB restaurant and Argeta Exclusive à la Stari Kaštel – to celebrate 10 years of exclusive stories written for real gourmets in collaboration with top chefs.


Chef Luka Košir

This culinary creation of the Argeta Exclusive limited series was created in 2018 by the talented culinary virtuoso, Chef Luka Košir, who certainly belongs at the very top of Slovenian cuisine. In his characteristic innovative style, he added luxurious vanilla and hazelnuts in a sweet orange liqueur to his duck speciality, and complemented the delicacy with a spice blend of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and pimento. For the ultimate experience, we invite you to enjoy it either on a rough wooden base or surrounded by nature, which is where the idea for it comes from.

Chef Janez Bratovž2017 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE À LA JB

Chef Janez Bratovž

When we talk about Argeta Exclusive, we are talking about exclusivity, uniqueness, and excellence. We are proud to present the exclusive flavour of 2017, created by world-class grand master chef Janez “JB” Bratovž in his own style. He has enhanced the exquisitely prepared chicken liver with candied orange, which gives a playful freshness to the flavour, prestigious cognac, and a spice mix of ginger, pimento, coriander, and mace, which subtly round off the bold whole of the pâté.

Chef Nikola Tadijanović2016 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE À LA STARI KAŠTEL

Chef Nikola Tadijanović

In 2016, the young virtuoso of the Stari Kaštel restaurant, chef Nikola Tadijanović, captivated the taste buds with his creation. He has taken the best of the sea, the orchard, and the beehive to create the first Argeta with a fruit-honey twist. Enjoy a unique, prestigious combination of the selected flavours of smoked sea bass, juicy pear, and sweet honey.

Chefs Alessandro Gavagna, Tomaž Kavčič, and Teo Fernetich2015 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE CHEF SELECTION

Chefs Alessandro Gavagna, Tomaž Kavčič, and Teo Fernetich

Three exceptional creators, three exquisite creations in a unique combination for true gourmets. The Argeta Exclusive Chef Selection is a selection of three masterpieces prepared for Argeta by the most prominent culinary creators in the region, chef Alessandro Gavagna, La Subida restaurant, chef Tomaž Kavčič, Zemono restaurant, and chef Teo Fernetich, San Rocco restaurant.

Chef Alessandro Gavagna2014 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE À LA SUBIDA

Chef Alessandro Gavagna

We challenged the exceptional Michelin-starred culinary artist and head of the renowned La Subida restaurant to share his interpretation of a new seasonal speciality. Venison fillet (a delicacy of the inland forests), southern Mediterranean pistachio, an aromatic wreath of natural Middle Eastern spices consisting of black pepper, coriander, cardamom and ginger, and a dash of natural Sirk wine vinegar. A harmonious creation for gourmets.


Chef Tomaž Kavčič

We challenged the great culinary creator and head of Gostilna pri Lojzetu to give us his take on a culinary speciality. Salmon (a delicacy of the northern seas), aromatic rosemary with a Mediterranean character, and a hint of star anise with its aroma of the mysterious Middle East – this is a truly exceptional creation for true gourmets.


Chef Teo Fernetich

In 2012, we collaborated with the renowned Istrian restaurant San Rocco and its chef, Teo Fernetich, to create a unique spread of young beef with asparagus and sundried tomatoes. A delicious taste that will take you all the way to Istria and its tasty delicacies.

Tuna with olive oil and olives2011 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE

Tuna with olive oil and olives

In 2011, we discovered selected flavours of the Mediterranean. We indulged your taste buds with a spread of first-class tuna, Mediterranean olives, and virgin olive oil.

Venison with rosemary2010 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE

Venison with rosemary

The second spread to join the Argeta Exclusive family was an exceptional venison delicacy with a Mediterranean twist. Opposites attract, so we combined delicious venison with the wonderful aroma of rosemary; a combination that can still be found in the regular Argeta Exclusive range today.

Beef pâté with truffles2009 - ARGETA EXCLUSIVE

Beef pâté with truffles

In 2009 we experienced the uniqueness of the black truffle. We have placed this culinary diamond in the Argeta Exclusive range of pâtés, and paired it beautifully with selected pieces of beef. Together they formed a delicacy for every gourmet, that is still one of our most popular spreads today.

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