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All content published on the Argeta website is the property of ATLANTIC DROGA KOLINSKA d.o.o. and is in the legally permissible framework subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection.

The content (text, photos, logotypes, etc.) published on this website may be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and may not be modified, copied, duplicated, republished, sent by mail or disseminated in any other way for commercial purposes without the express written consent of ATLANTIC DROGA KOLINSKA d.o.o.

All reproductions or copies of the content of this website must also include all of the published designations of copyright, other notifications of intellectual property rights or notifications of other rights (the mark © 2015 ATLANTIC DROGA KOLINSKA d.o.o. All rights reserved. ATLANTIC DROGA KOLINSKA d.o.o. is a member of Atlantic Grupa).

The trademarks and service brands that appear on this website are registered trademarks, whose owner or licensee is ATLANTIC DROGA KOLINSKA d.o.o. (hereinafter also the Company) or its subsidiaries. The use of these trademarks is expressly prohibited except in the cases defined herein.

Privacy Policy

ATLANTIC DROGA KOLINSKA d.o.o. (hereinafter: the Company) is part of the Atlantic Grupa business group, within which high standards are established and in use for business management and transparent operations, meaning the responsible, lawful and ethically based actions of all legal entities of Atlantic Grupa, which at the same time includes respect of privacy and the protection of personal data.

Taking into account the aforementioned standards, the Company as the manager of data processing within the Atlantic Grupa business group collects and processes personal data lawfully, honestly and transparently, in accordance with the valid regulations, and implements the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from unlawful access and abuse.

The Company is aware that personal data protection is important both to our users and to other individuals. For this very reason we wish to inform you which personal data we collect, how we manage it and how we ensure its protection.

Purpose, scope and legal basis for processing

Personal data are collected for special, express and lawful purposes, in the essential scope, and are processed in a manner aligned with these purposes.

The Company will collect and process personal data only in cases where so permitted by regulations:

processing is required in order to fulfil legal obligations;

where the individual assents to the processing of their personal data;

processing is necessary to implement an agreement in which a party to the agreement is an individual to whom the personal data relate, or to implement measures at the request of such individual prior to the conclusion of an agreement;

processing is essential to the protection of the vital interests of the individual to whom the data relate or another natural person;

processing is required for the lawful interests of the Company or associated companies.

Collection and use of personal data

Personal data comprise information that directly or indirectly identifies you. They include for instance your name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address or postal address.

The Company does not collect your personal data except in cases where you expressly submit such data (for instance in enquiring about certain products or services, concluding an agreement or a request for certain actions prior to concluding an agreement, through inclusion in loyalty programmes, subscribing to e-newsletters, participation in surveys, competitions and prize games, ordering samples or brochures, requests for donations and on requesting certain information, submitting a CV or open tender or on applying for job vacancies, as well as through employment in our Company and so forth).

Your personal data is collected, stored, used or transmitted by us in the extent – in terms of content and time – necessary in the given case, for instance to respond to your questions, fulfil your requests, notify you of our products or the results of a competition or prize game, fulfil contractual obligations or urgently needed actions prior to concluding an agreement, or to fulfil our other lawful and legal obligations. For these reasons the Company must occasionally transmit personal data to other companies in Atlantic Grupa and associated companies or external service providers for further processing. Service providers may be engaged for instance in the context of call centre services, goods distribution or advertising material, or for the organisation and implementation of prize games. The Company requires of such parties that they adopt the valid legal regulations, act in accordance with our instructions and that they observe our internal rules on personal data protection, as well as take appropriate organisational and technical steps for such protection. For these reasons your personal data must also be transmitted to other EU Member States or to countries outside the EU, but in such transmission the Company undertakes to ensure that the transmission is entirely compliant with the law and that the transmission will be performed with all available and appropriate measures to protect personal data.

The Company guarantees that it will not sell your personal data to anyone, it will not communicate or lend your personal data to third parties if this is not necessary to fulfil a specific purpose for which you have given us the personal data, and also guarantees that it will not give your personal data to any unauthorised recipient.

The possibility exists that we will need to provide your personal data to a competent public authority, in the event that the law or another binding regulation so requires.

Collected data will be stored for as long as this is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, or until the end of the period specified in the valid regulations.

Use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes

Where your personal data are used for the purposes of advertising and marketing in accordance with the valid regulations governing personal data protection, your data will be stored and used for these purposes, for instance for sending out e-mail notifications, product samples, invitations to participate in competitions and prize games by e-mail or mail or some other communication channel that you have accepted.

If your personal data are to be used for the purpose of sending out advertising and promotion tailored to you individually in order to create and maintain a user profile, you will be notified in advance of this, in other words prior to the sending out of such advertising and promotion, and prior to such personal data processing we will of course ask specifically and expressly for your properly informed consent.

We will also use your data if we wish to analyse and improve the effectiveness of our online services, advertising, marketing, market research and sales efforts in surveys or various other questionnaires, or in a manner that ensures that your personal data are not stated with your name or in a way that can be linked to a specific person.

Exercising of the rights of the individual

At any moment you may request from us information about your personal data that we process, or request their correction, you may cancel their use, or request the deletion of your personal data, or revoke consent for all or just certain purposes (except where this is not possible, for instance where this involves the processing of data for statistical purposes, for which personal data can in no way serve for identification), or you can forbid the transmission of data to another data processing manager under legal conditions, and you may also unsubscribe from receiving our informational and promotional materials.

You can also lodge an objection to the use of your personal data in situations based on the existence of our legitimate interest, especially where the data are used for the needs of direct marketing.

On our part we will work to the greatest possible and reasonable extent to ensure that the personal data you have made available to us are correctly recorded, and at the same time the responsibility for accuracy lies on your side too, so we ask you to regularly and punctually update your information, or submit to us a request for the entry of changes or corrections.

In order to exercise your rights and obligations regarding the use of personal data, you can contact us using the e-mail or postal address of the Company as stated on the website, or via the e-mail address: [email protected], or by following the instructions on delivered promotional material.

On being contacted and receiving such requests, we will make reasonable efforts to confirm your identity and prevent any unauthorised processing of personal data.

After receiving your requests we will carry out the requested actions in an appropriate timeframe, but no later than in 30 days from receipt, and we will as necessary notify you of this, all in compliance with the law.


As a rule we do not collect data on children. If we determine that such data have been communicated to us without the consent of the parents or legal representatives, we will delete the data in the shortest possible time. Here we will follow the guidelines we received from you as parents or from the legal guardian.

If nevertheless for certain purposes we might collect data on children of an age where under the valid laws the consent of the parents is required for the processing of their personal data, we will provide appropriate information on this and take reasonable steps to determine whether children have the consent of the parents or legal guardian.

Data security

We have implemented technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss of your data, modification, misappropriation or access by unauthorised third parties, or any kind of unauthorised processing of your data. Access to your personal data is limited to only those employees for whom the information is necessary for communicating our services or for dealing with your questions. We are constantly educating our employees about the importance of data confidentiality and maintaining the privacy and security of your data. We collect only those data that are necessary for a specific processing purpose, and we do not store data longer than is necessary or laid down by regulations.

On our website you may occasionally find links to other websites or portals, and we may also offer the characteristics of social networks that enable the sharing of personal data on social networks. We recommend in any event that you first read through the rules on personal data protection on these portal sites or social networks or third persons, as well as on the measures adopted for such protection, since they may differ from our rules and our adopted measures, for which we cannot be held liable.

Limitation of liability

While we are taking available technical, organisational and HR steps to protect personal data from random or deliberate misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorised modification or access, we cannot guarantee that certain personal data we collect, despite the provisions of these Rules on the Protection of Privacy, will never be randomly disclosed.

To the greatest extent allowed by the law, we do not accept liability for damage caused to users or third persons by the random disclosure of personal data.

Since we have no control over the personal data you submit in accessing other websites and using them, or that you submit directly to third persons (for instance in taking part in sponsored activities), to the greatest extent allowed by law we do not accept liability for damage that might be incurred by you or third persons due to the communication of personal data.

Updates and amendments

We reserve the right to amend or update parts of these Rules at any moment and without prior notice. Please visit our website from time to time so you will be aware of amendments or updates to the Rules. The date of entry into force of the latest version of the Rules will be posted.

These Rules were last amended on 4.2.2020.

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