Sustainable development

It is important for us to show our gratitude and give back to the environment in which we operate and to everyone involved in this process. We have no shortage of sustainably oriented projects, since our goals are complex and ambitious.

Argeta life cycle

By clicking on the icon you can learn about what steps we have already taken to reduce our environmental impact.

Packaging production

In the production of packaging we use recycled aluminium, which is much more environment-friendly than plastic or even glass.

Pâté production at plants in Izola and Sarajevo

All our production facilities strive to achieve the greatest possible energy savings, so we are reducing the consumption of electricity and water.

Distribution to stores

The proximity of production facilities offers a shorter journey and less challenging distribution, which also means fewer environmentally harmful consequences.

End of the product life cycle

All processes are linked in to a circular economy system, meaning that we know where our raw materials come from and we plan what will happen to our waste.

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