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Nina and Gašper Čarman, sister and brother, are both excellent at what they do. But when they complement each other, they are complete.

Meet the new faces of the third generation of culinary creators who are changing our view of the traditional cuisine and sharing their amuse-bouche from the Danilo restaurant and wine shop.

You can taste the creative complement of a brother and sister - chef Nina Čarman and sommelier Gašper Čarman - in a complete fusion of gentle trout, prominent tarragon and Sulec white wine, created by Gašper especially for Argeta Exclusive.

Sommelier Gašper Čarman recommends:
Sulec is an elegant, slightly aromatic, mineral white wine that nicely complements and upgrades Nina's pâté as a standalone dish or as an ingredient in a recipe. In Sulec, three varieties complement each other: the local Rebula, Sauvignon Vert and the internationally popular Chardonnay. The calmness of Rebula is very well complemented by the tenderness of the trout, and the playfulness of Sauvignon Vert nicely upgrades the aroma of tarragon. Cool to 8-12 degrees Celsius before serving.


Inspired by the amuse-bouche from the Danilo restaurant, chef Nina Čarman combines the taste of a gentle trout with a traditional taste of tarragon. The combination is complemented by the premium Sulec white wine, created by her brother, sommelier Gašper Čarman. This superior creation will pamper your senses and lead you into the world of culinary delights again and again.

the first

Nina and Gašper Čarman greet you from the kitchen of the Danilo restaurant, where a combination of trout, tarragon, and Sulec white wine is served to guests as an amuse-bouche. Get to know their philosophy, where they get their inspiration from and how they complement each other to perfection with their knowledge!