We have improved the nutritional composition of Argeta Junior spreads

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At Argeta, we are fully committed to sustainable development and the vision to offer and develop the most nutritionally balanced products. But what does this mean for our loyal customers?

s part of the sustainable development programme, one of our commitments to customers is also the development and provision of nutritionally balanced products. With this, we want to further upgrade our philosophy of providing the best – that is why Argeta’s products contain only carefully selected pieces of meat or fish, natural spices and vegetable oils. The FREE FROM recipe ensures that our spreads do not contain preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavour enhancers, gluten, or palm oil. But since constant improvement and progress is in our DNA, we didn’t just stop at the recipe either.

In order for children to enjoy the selected and natural ingredients even more, and for parents to be able to liven up their meals with Argeta Junior spreads in a carefree way, we are committed to always offering only the best.

Our development department tackled this task with the utmost commitment and responsibility, achieving outstanding results. After several years of research and testing of various recipes, we managed to create spreads with a lower fat content, namely with a maximum of 20% fat. The new recipe also contains less salt and more protein, which is why it also proudly bears the ‘high protein content’ label.

What about the taste?

No worries! The main guideline in improving the nutritional composition was to preserve the exceptional spreadability that Argeta is known for, as well as the recognisable taste that children have loved for years.

That is why Argeta Junior spreads remain a high-quality and completely worry-free meal for children and their parents. However, our work does not end here – we will continue striving to improve and develop the best quality products for our little ones.

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