Why is aluminium a good packaging choice?

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At Argeta, we also honour our commitment to sustainability with our packaging, for which we exclusively use aluminium. And why is this a good choice?

Aluminium is one of the few materials that can be infinitely recycled, which means that nothing is lost when it is recycled, since all the input raw material is regained in the form of new, recycled aluminium.

However, this is not its only advantage, as aluminium also protects the contents perfectly from light and other external influences. In this way, the spreads remain flavourful, high quality, and above all, the aluminium packaging ensures a long shelf life. This is also partly achieved with the help of our special high-tech heat treatment process, which we use instead of preservatives. Aluminium is also lighter than iron or glass, which means less impact on the environment during transport. These important steps help us create the best small meals that are kind to our environment at the same time.

It is very important to us to be able to offer only high-quality and uncompromisingly safe products, which is why all our aluminium packaging has a protective layer on the inside made of a BPA-NI (Not Intent) coating that does not contain bisphenol A. This coating effectively prevents traces of aluminium being transferred to the product, where it could be consumed, which is an additional guarantee for a safe and high-quality meal.

Putting an emphasis on quality in all areas and responsible management of resources for the packaging of our containers is our guiding principle. That’s why we firmly believe in these values, which are key to the success of the number 1 meat and fish spreads in Europe.

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