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Duck Junior blows out his 18 candles

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Duck Junior is celebrating his 18th birthday this year. Through all these years he has been a great companion to the youngest Argeta lovers.

Duck Junior was born in 2001, the same year as the sub-brand of Argeta called Argeta Junior. All pâtés for our juniors have a milder, less intense flavor and are therefore very popular with our younger consumers. Duck Junior has loved those pâtés since the first day he tried them. He knows everything about how they’re produced, because he likes to know what he’s eating. He told us:

I love Argeta Junior pâtés, because they are produced from high quality ingredients, seasoned with natural spices and made without additional preservatives. They also don’t contain any flavor enhancers or artificial flavorings.

Children’s best friend

Duck Junior is looking forward to celebrating his birthday with his friends. He has many of them and although he has officially grown up, those friendships will never change. How could they, when Junior has shared so many adventures with the youngest Argeta lovers in the digital collection of quality educational and entertaining books for children? He is giving chocolate smiles to everyone with Rabbit Delita. In school he is helping children to deal with problems which they are facing everyday. He has also become a detective and is helping Aunty Krota find missing water that disappeared from the city.

He loves his name Junior so much that he decided to simply never grow old. He is already planning some new, playful and interesting activities for his best friends. Including the recipes prepared only for the youngest Argeta consumers.

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