Atlantic Grupa has successfully sailed across the ocean separating the old world and the new, and is now producing one of its most successful brands in the USA. Following successful preparations, today production of Argeta delicatessen spreads was started up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and this promises to bring in three million dollars in earnings in the first year.

Synonym for the best pâté

Under strict criteria for traceability using the best technology perfected in two regional plants – in Izola and Hadžići in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Argeta will be produced exclusively for the North American market in cooperation with the US company Brother&Sister in Harrisburg. As is well known, Argeta is made of only the highest-quality pieces of meat without the by-products of the meat industry, it boasts prestigious international quality certificates and contains no preservatives or any other additives.

In November and December 2017, in cooperation with local distribution partners, we began intensive distribution of Argeta to almost two thousand sales outlets in the USA and Canada, and this will soon be accompanied by a strong promotional campaign, first at the sales outlets and in digital media. Enzo Smrekar, general manager of the Atlantic Grupa strategic division Delicatessen Spreads, explained that this is a significant step forward for the brand, which is one of the more potent ambassadors of the Atlantic internationalisation strategy, not just in Europe but also in overseas countries.

Potential we will know how to exploit

“We are not exaggerating when we say that Argeta is the biggest pâté brand in the world, since viewed individually, out of numerous pâté brands it is Argeta that sells the most. Over the decades it has worked to ensure quality and constant innovation in its product range, and throughout southeast Europe this has made Argeta a synonym for the best pâté. As one of the main factors in the process of internationalisation across Atlantic Grupa, we opted for a bold and far-reaching, yet well-planned and realistic strategy of expansion outside Europe, where we are already well-established. In Austria, Argeta has a market share of over 37 percent, in Switzerland its share is nearly 30 percent, and in Germany and Sweden we are advancing from a stable 10 percent. We are now opening the door to the American market and its vast potential, and we are ready to capitalise on it,” said Smrekar.