Junior Advetures are a series of three e-books intended for children in three different age groups from 4 to 9 years old. The content of each book is adapted to the development level of the children for whom it is intended.

Through the stories, children solve various tasks which promote the development of cognitive abilities, perception, memory, critical thinking, creativity and motor skills that are important in preparation for school and completing tasks at school. Equally, they are ideal for the development of a child’s attention and the ability to focus on various types of content, both verbal and visual. For younger children who are not yet reading on their own, there are also audio recordings of Junior Adventures.

The aim of the project, which was created as a collaboration between Argeta Junior and the renowned developmental psychologist Dr Matija Svetina, is to offer children high-quality educational content in a fun and interactive way, and to encourage parents to spend quality leisure time with their children.

You can download the e-books for free from the website EKNJIGE-JUNIOR and discover the fun stories and interactive tasks that you can access via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Enjoy fun adventures with Duckling Junior!