​Lovers of superlative cuisine, media representatives and cooking bloggers benefited from the experience of a tasting of the new Argeta Exclusive flavour and to some pampering with the refined gourmet art of chef Janez Bratovž.

Argeta Exclusive à la JB restaurant combines the seemingly unexpected. Its unique flavour is distinguished by a carefully selected combination of ingredients, at the heart of which candied orange and cognac stand out.  The exclusive recipe is a proper delight for the greatest gourmets. And soon you will be able to form your own opinion of the new flavour for yourself, since in November it will already be coming to the shelves in hypermarkets, supermarkets and the best-stocked shops.

In the words of Enzo Smrekar, general manager of the strategic division Delicatessen Spreads and conceptual originator of this eighth Argeta Exclusive, Argeta always seeks to offer only the best, and with this exclusive flavour it is offering something truly special. On the challenges of collaborating with a top chef he revealed that “the biggest challenge is to create together a sophisticated recipe that can also be recreated in large-scale production. Once again the experienced team of Argeta experts collaborated exceptionally well with chef Janez Bratovž, and I can say with pride that Argeta á la JB restaurant reflects truly all the nuances of a superlative recipe from world-renowned chef Janez Bratovž. We are all very proud of the new flavour.”