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Go and explore nature with your kids… It rarely bites

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Autumn may not be the absolute favourite season for many of you, but we can all agree that it truly is the one of the most beautiful seasons in the year.

The air gets crisp and fresh, wonderful smells of pumpkin soup start coming from the kitchen, and the trees… oh, the trees start changing colour and losing their leaves, which means there are colours absolutely everywhere! On the floor, on your family car, in your backpack, on the street. All is covered in the prettiest shades of red, orange, yellow and green. The best way to spend your free time in the autumn afternoons or at the weekends is to explore the amazing nature that surrounds us. Go for a walk into the forest full of incredible plants and herbs: pick some mushrooms for dinner, find some awesome plants you have never seen before and revisit the ones you are already familiar with.

We have prepared a fun and educational activity you can do with your kids in the most colourful season of the year!

Two documents are waiting for you to download and print them out. One is for you and the second one is for your kids: you will get some hints about different plants you can find in the forest. Your children will have to find them with the help of your hints, and then make a cute herbarium out of the plants you guide them to.

Don’t forget to bring some:

  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • pencils
  • and some tape

Oh, if you might feel a little nostalgic for summer don’t forget to bring some crackers with Argeta tuna spread – we all get hungry while running around in the forest, and a snack like that will fit perfectly into your day of hiking around with your kids..

Downloadable content for you

Downloadable content for your kids

And now: don’t hesitate, pack your backpack with supplies and put on your raincoat! Discover the magic of the forest, enjoy being out in the nature and try to learn something new with your kids today.

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